Our Mission

From the Great Grandson, President of Pretty Shield, William Snell, Jr.

The Pretty Shield Foundation (PSF) seeks to empower others through cultural awareness, teaching, education, promoting health lifestyles, encouraging self-fulfillment in the community, and thus allowing one’s goodness and strength to blossom. The rich diversity of cultures makes a more interesting and beautiful world to live in.

The Pretty Shield Foundation is using lighted lodges (teepees) as symbols to “light our pathway in our journey in life”, encouraging healing and strengthening of self through purpose, meaning and hope.

Who Was Pretty Shield
Alma Hogan
William’s Mother, Dr. Alma Hogan Snell was raised by Pretty Shield.

Who Was Pretty Shield

Pretty Shield was fondly known by her people as Red Mother, Medicine Woman of the Crow.  She was born in 1862 so she saw the change of lifestyle that the Northern Plains tribes endured as the various treaties between the U.S. Government and Tribal entities established reservations and the nomadic way of life soon became history.  Pretty Shield lamented to Frank B. Linderman, author of “Pretty Shield, Medicine Woman of the Crow” in 1932 “I hope that I can save my grandchildren…times have changed so fast that they have left me behind.”  Pretty Shield

Alma Hogan Snell  (January 10, 1923 – May 5, 2008) was an American Crow tribal historian, educator, and herbalist. She was the granddaughter of Pretty Shield. Snell lectured throughout the United States on the healing properties and benefits of plants, as well as on the subject of health and wellbeing. She also authored two books: A Taste of Heritage and Grandmother’s Grandchild: My Crow Indian Life.

The Foundation

The primary purpose of the Pretty Shield Foundation is to help in the development of innovative approaches to meeting the needs of families and individuals.  PSF is a 501-C-3 (non-Profit) organization that provides education and services with an emphasis to American and First Nation communities.  PSF also provides outdoor adolescent and adult encampments to accomplish personal and/or program goals.  In addition, Equine Assisted Wellness and many other direct services are provided by the Pretty Shield Foundation.


The Pretty Shield Foundation uses three primary areas of expertise to serve and support families and individuals to achieve a joyful and bountiful existence.  These are (1) American Indian & First Nation cultural values, (2) developing a purposeful and meaningful relationship, and (3) responsible and accountable leadership…

The Pretty Shield Foundation continues the legacy of our ancestors by serving and encouraging First Nation People to walk a healthy pathway to reaching their highest potential.

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