Human Services & Child Welfare

PSF has expertise in family reunification & permanency using such programs as the Families First Program (Equine Assisted Wellness).  This program has proven to be very effective in Child Welfare Service in the reunification of children with their biological parents.  This service resulted in millions of dollars in savings to the taxpayers; and more importantly the establishment of “healthy families”.

Cultural Awareness & Sensitivity Training

This service is generally mandatory for most Human Services and Education agencies.  Unfortunately, a high percentage of children in out of home care, incarcerations (federal & State), school dropouts, and Substance Abuse are American Indians.  This service helps provide and understanding of one’s uniqueness and helps other to understand cultural differences among all people.  Cultural “effectiveness” training also provides a great opportunity to establish “pride, a sense of belonging and family” within their own communities.  Our goal is to train or teach organizational staff to “approach” every individual as unique and sacred in an effort to reduce individual failures.

Leadership & Staff Development

PSF uses the term “leader” for everyone (Youth or Adults) involved with this service.  PSF makes every effort to instill “values, virtues and character building as a foundation” for establishing a more effective approach to personal or family intervention.  This then leads to improved relationships, responsibility, and accountability in the workplace, community, family or person.

After School Programing for Youth:

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Previous Services;

Vision Seekers is primarily an afterschool “youth leadership” program for all youth, ages 13 to 18 years old with a focus on American Indian troubled or disadvantaged youth.  This service was established in 1988 thru 2002 in Billings, Montana

Grand Child Journey is a cultural enrichment program for American Indian youth ages 6/7 to 12 years old primarily as an afterschool cultural enhancement activity.  This service was established in 1998 thru 2002 in Billings, Montana.

This is a summary of some general service provide by the PSF.  For more information, please contact the PSF.

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